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The building inspection encompasses the entire building, including the major components of foundation, structure, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and heating systems. The professional home inspection report details the existing conditions, materials used in the construction or mechanical areas, and recommendations for maintenance and upkeep. Labeled and illustrated digital pictures are taken at time of inspection to further clarify defects in the home inspection. Items are visually examined during the evaluation of accessible areas.

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Sometimes referred to as a “general home inspection,” these are booked prior to closing on an existing house. The inspection covers hundreds of components in the home and includes a written report clearly outlining safety concerns and the current condition of the home. The report gives buyers the information they need to make the best decision and prepare for future maintenance. Read More

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New Construction

Many defects can affect your family’s health and safety, not to mention your pocketbook and the long-term condition of your home. Many overworked superintendents just don’t have enough time to properly supervise contractors. By hiring INSPECT A HOME to inspect your new property during its construction, you are sending a message to your home builder that you expect quality workmanship and intend to hold them to the highest standards possible. Read More

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Trust INSPECT A HOME with your commercial building inspection. Whether you are an investor specializing in commercial property, a banker, property manager, leasing agent, lender, or tenant, you can rely on INSPECT A HOME to provide you with commercial building inspections that give you the information you need for optimal decision-making. For more than 12 years, INSPECT A HOME has been one of the most respected names in the commercial building inspection business. Read More

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Thermal Inspection

Using infrared thermal imaging in a certified home inspection can help you save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a year. We can identify missing insulation, improperly installed or compressed insulation, and shrinkage or settling of various insulating materials. We can often see moisture, leaks (including in roofs, water pipes, water lines), and electrical issues before they pose a bigger risk to fiscal or physical well-being. Read More

What To Expect

A typical property inspection in Houston, Texas, consists of an educational tour of the property. You are most welcome (and indeed, encouraged) to accompany the professional inspector to gain valuable “show and tell” information, to ask questions, and to gain knowledge regarding the true condition of the property.


A professional INSPECT A HOME inspector will follow a practiced, efficient, and comprehensive methodology to examine the entire property. The inspector will use their earnest effort to disclose the visual problems of importance and to document those observations in a final narrative report that you can read and understand in order to make intelligent decisions regarding the property.